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We Invite you to join us for an Exclusive Journey in
Costa Rica!

Step into a realm of transformation and self-discovery at Embodied Evolution, where the lush landscapes of Costa Rica serve as the backdrop for your personal journey toward healing and evolution. Nestled in the heart of paradise, our exclusive retreats invite you to experience the magic of Embodied Evolution in a way like never before. Embark on a soulful adventure as we welcome you to our serene haven in the Valley of Lagunas, just 15 minutes from the enchanting Dominical Beach on the mid-southern Pacific coast. Discover "La Casa Magica" a place where time seems to slow, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the natural beauty and tranquility that surrounds this hidden gem.

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Embodied Evolution is more than just a retreat; it's an opportunity to uniquely shape your personal journey. Find the space to be unbothered, in solitude, allowing the transformative energy of Costa Rica to work its magic on your mind, body, and soul.Your journey starts with the moment you answer the call. We aim to prepare you and have you ready for smooth sailing. Our intimate gatherings cater to private 1:1, couples, or small groups/families, ensuring that your journey is uniquely yours. 


We welcome you to the secluded La Casa Magica. A place where the lush beauty of Costa Rica cradles you, setting the stage for profound remembrance and transformation.

Located on a private property, with a pool, yoga deck, kitchen and lounge will be where we gather to connect, eat, play and share.

All packages includes 3 nourishing high vibe meals a day, made with locally grown organic fruits and vegetables, and prepared with love to keep us balanced and clean throughout our stay.

Why Journey With Us?

Embodied Evolution transcends the conventional retreat experience; it's a customed, tailored and intimate journey designed for those yearning for a profound connection with themselves, mother earth, their hearts and the world. Within our exclusive gatherings tailored for private 1:1, couples, or small groups/families, you'll enjoy direct access, personalized attention, and unwavering support.


We offer an orientation and meeting via Zoom with our facilitators. During this meeting, we can address any questions, intentions or thoughts you might have on the upcoming journey, and ensure you are preparing properly in the weeks prior to the retreat.

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We will help you find a flight that aligns and help to arrange for transportation to and from the airport to La Casa Magica, (flight not included in price of retreat). During your stay in Costa Rica, we will be coordinating a daily schedule crafted especially to enhance and support the healing experience. All of our activities are optional, so you can feel free to stay in your flow.

After the retreat, we hold integration circles, online, or in person where the group can touch base and connect and share their progress after the ceremonies. Weprovide integration tools and practices to continue supporting you on your Embodied Evolution.  We also offer a one on one check in call to ensure you are supported as you transition back to wherever you are going. We will always be available if you have any questions regarding integration!

What We'll Be Up To...

During your stay with us , we will have time for connecting deep, doing the inner work, but also time to play. From sunrise rituals to meditation sessions, yoga in nature to reflective journaling—every day is an opportunity to reconnect with your inner self and align with the energies of the lush surroundings. Enjoy excursions and time to explore the beautiful forest, river, waterfalls and beach.  All of our programmed activities are optional, so you can feel free to be in the flow of your experience.

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Shamanic Plant Ceremonies

  • Holistic Workshops

  • Breathwork

  • Sound Healing Meditations

  • Excursions

  • Conscious Conversations

  • Sacred Fire Ceremony

  • Waterfall/ river walks

  • Private 1:1 healing sessions 

  • Delicious Organic Meals

Shamanic Plant Medicine Ceremonies

Your profound healing journey is centered around the Shamanic Plant Medicine ceremonies and holistic practices, which will be led by world-renowned facilitators with decades of experience. Our experienced shamans, our plant medicine ceremonies offer a sacred space for healing and self-discovery. Ayahuasca, Mushrooms, Kambo, Bufo, Rapeh, Tobacco, and Cacao—each ceremony is a transformative dance with ancient wisdom. 

We specialize in facilitating growth and expansion, using ancient knowledge to help you detox, break societal habits and reprogram mental and emotional patterns.

We have also arranged for expert healers from several modalities to provide further support for our guests.


This holistic package can be enhanced with:



-Acupuncture (Esoteric, Sacred Geometry)

-Somatic Breathwork

-Life Coaching

-Chakra Balancing

-Trauma Informed Coaching

- Body work (massage, stretch therapy)


The shamanic plant medicine ceremonies and daily programming are just the beginning of this trip of a lifetime. During our stay, we will also take time to connect with the land around us. We have carefully chosen these experiences to support the integration process that we believe is a very important part of the sacred medicine path.

Embodied Evolution  Excursions

Discover the awe-inspiring beauty of Costa Rica through our curated excursions to waterfalls, local farmers' markets, hidden beaches, and rejuvenating rivers. Immerse yourself in the natural wonders enveloping La Casa Magica and let the beautiful landscapes of paradise reveal themselves to you.

Beach Day

A day designed for personalized integration. Whether you choose to immerse yourself in the refreshing waves, take a leisurely stroll along the coast, or simply bask in the sun on your blanket, this is your time to embrace the moment as it feels right for you. Tune into the daytime melody or let the soothing sounds of the ocean be your soundtrack. As the day gently transitions, join us in witnessing the breathtaking sunset, a shared moment where we collectively engage in sungazing, casting our gazes into the horizon. It's a harmonious blend of relaxation, connection, and natural beauty—a perfect embodiment of the transformative spirit of our retreat experience.

Waterfall Exploration

Embark on a mindful and serene walk/hike, immersing yourself in the presence of Pachamama and her vibrant flora, birds, butterflies, and creatures (rest assured, your safety is our priority). Experience a refreshing cleanse in the river, letting go of energies and emotions that have run their course. Let the soothing sounds of nature create the perfect harmonious backdrop for this meditative walking experience.

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Our Retreat Packages

Package 1


Immerse yourself in a transformative journey with Package 1:


3-night, 4-day experience that encompasses all the essentials. Enjoy the richness of All Ceremonies, Workshops, comfortable Accommodations, nourishing Meals, seamless Airport Transfers, and captivating Excursions—all wrapped in the warm embrace of support from our dedicated facilitators. This package is perfect for those with limited time or wanderers seeking to drop into an immersion amid their travels. Dive into the heart of this transformative experience and let the magic unfold in a condensed yet profound journey.


Package 2


Elevate your journey with Package 2
An extended 4-night, 5-day immersion that builds upon the comprehensive offerings of Package 1. Immerse yourself in the complete experience, featuring All Ceremonies, Workshops, luxurious Accommodations, nourishing Meals, seamless Airport Transfers, and captivating Excursions. In addition to the enriching elements of Package 1, this package grants you an extra ceremony, deepening your exploration and connection. Ideal for those seeking a more extended and profound experience, Package 2 invites you to embrace the full spectrum of transformative possibilities on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery.

Package 3

package 3-2.png

Experience the pinnacle of our offerings with Package 3

An immersive 6-night, 7-day retreat that encompasses the entirety of Packages 1 and 2, and then some. Indulge in the full spectrum of transformative elements, including All Ceremonies, Workshops, luxurious Accommodations, nourishing Meals, seamless Airport Transfers, and captivating Excursions. Package 3 goes above and beyond by adding an extra ceremony for a deeper connection, an additional day of enriching Excursions and Exploration, and exclusive 1:1 healing services. Tailored for those seeking an extended, comprehensive, and profoundly transformative experience, Package 3 invites you to fully surrender to the magic of this unparalleled journey.



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