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Supporting you
Before, During and After
Your Ceremonies with Us

What we always share with our participants that answer the call is that a Sacred Plant Medicine Journey has 3 very important parts.


1. The preparation

2. The sit (actual ceremony)

3. Integration.


Each part just as important as the other.



The journey always begins when you hear the call. That call may come to you several times in your life until the day you answer and open yourself up to follow your path to sit in ceremony.

Our aim is to guide and help you prepare for the journey right from the day you say YES.

This is not a process that we take lightly. Based on our experience on what we have learned over the years is that the Preparation is just as important than the actual ceremony.

We can share tools and practices to help you prepare physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Physical preparation- Dieta protocols, what to eat and what not to eat, natural detox, importance of sleep.


Mental preparation - Keeping a clear mind and not allowing fears or negativity take over your thoughts. Leaning into faith through trust and surrender.


Emotional preparation- Acknowledging emotions that may be coming up as the journey continues. Processing emotions and not suppressing them. 


Spiritual preparation- Meditation, connecting to intuition/higher self, spending more time in nature, connecting to the plant medicine spirits.


The (Sit) Ceremony

Every ceremony is different, the gatherings of different people and unique celestial occurrences that causes no ceremony to be the same.

Our aim is to help you understand the “what you need to know” important things that one should know while in ceremony.

Depending on what the ceremony is, there are specific guidelines and agreements that are established ahead of time so that there is no confusion during ceremony. We like to give our participants as much information and answers to FAQ, but also allowing room for spontaneity. 

We make sure to provide a safe and sacred container for you to journey as deep as you need to. With experienced and dialed in facilitators and helpers we assure that your safety is our priority and that you have nothing to worry about. We are only a raise of the hand away from attending you if you need us.


The Integration

What happens next?

We have a profound journey, we heal, gain new insight, broaden our horizons and then what? Who can we talk to about this? Who will even fathom what we have experienced?

Well truth be told that unless someone has experienced a ceremony with us, they won’t really understand our limited explanation of the journey. It is very hard to put into words what the experience was. Also not everyone will understand the journey, as everyone’s experience can be different even people's understanding or perception can be different as well. That’s ok, your journey is not for everyone to understand. Even if you try to explain those who you try to share with may not get it.

This is why we are big on building community of like/open minded and like/open hearted people.  We hold integration circles after our events so that we can stay connected, process our experiences and share with others who truly get what this is all about.

We offer check in calls and get together again two weeks after the first integration circle.

We bring our participants together by adding everyone who has journeyed with us into our main Online Community! Members of our community have first access to our events and have access to reach out to the community if they need someone to talk to or hang out with.

We are here for You!

Our team of holistic and aligned practitioners are here with you every step of the way and are committed to being of service while you journey deeper within yourself. You can always book your very own private healing, consultation or mentoring session with any of our team members.














We are now offering an online program that aims to support you as you "Walk the Path with Sacred Plant Medicines." This 8 week program will equip you with more information, tools and practices, community and support to help you properly prepare, journey deep, and effectively integrate your plant medicine journeys. Giving you an opportunity to turn your experience with plant medicine into an embodied evolution.

By registering for any of our retreats you get $200 off this 8 week program. 


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