Angie Tobón is a leading Spiritual Master, Transformational Guide, Mentor and Teacher, a Registered Acupuncturist, Shamanic Worker,  Pleiadian Light Worker, an Alchemist in constant evolution and a Reiki Master/Teacher.

The embodiment of her own mastery has her fully committed to her calling of providing safe and sacred space to support people on their journey of healing, self discovery, and evolution. 

She is a Holistic educator, which teachings centres about bringing together ancient and modern healing modalities of various lineages to serve and teach others. 

Over the years Angie has merged her teachings from her heritage, back home in South America, with many modalities inherited and learned throughout her life. She has created the Vital Ki Certification Meditation Teacher Training Program, many holistic workshops, courses, and mentorship programs that she has been sharing for many years

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Dan has been intuitively working with entheogens individually and in ceremony settings for over 9 years. He is passionate about navigating altered states of consciousness for the purpose of expanding Self awareness, to support the evolution of human consciousness. He believes that entheogens are the most advanced technology known to man to explore consciousness and life force in the quantum fields and to remember the infinite potential stored within.

His strengths are in cultivating practices and tools to PREPARE for and to INTEGRATE expanded states of consciousness. Dan is a yoga aspirant and instructor, breath-work guide, natural movement trainer, float facilitator and is currently working on embodying his calling as a presence coach and integration facilitator. He is passionate about holding space and supporting those who seek to expand awareness of Self, the observer within,to learn and allow ourselves to JUST BE and recognize our potential as a multi-dimensional being.

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Kitchen Captain / Logistics

Sandra is a Holistic practitioner, cleaning specialist and founder of Amethyst Cleaning Co. Sandra is a Reiki Level 2 practitioner and has completed various courses with Vital Ki Wellness.

She will be our Kitchen Captain preparing our love infused meals, and be our space holder in the kitchen. Sandra will be adding her cleaning and sanitizing touch to the common areas of the retreat to ensure a nice clean environment for all of us. Sandra joins us with a high level of attention to detail and to support us all while being in her element, loving what she does.




Dane Osorio is a healing artist, holistic practitioner, facilitator, and curator of conscious community.  Dane works with and supports men, women and children on their journeys of Spiritual Awakening, Healing and optimizing their health at a mind, body and soul level.


With a high level of intention, experience and resources, Dane creates, curates, holds sacred space via unique 1:1 sessions, group classes, workshops, retreats, and programs in Canada and Internationally. He holds and navigates these spaces for self discovery, healing, transformation by teaching and assisting in integrating holistic tools and practice to help people attain optimal health and wellbeing.


After his awakening almost 15 years ago, Dane has been actively committed to his own personal growth, healing and expansion of consciousness.  With the guidance of spiritual teachers, shamans, ancestral healers in his lineage & continuous studies, Dane has learned and integrated many practices to achieve a higher level of connection, wisdom and consciousness in his own journey. 


Dane has answered the calling to create safe and sacred spaces for others to tap into their own inner wisdom, inner healer and reconnect to their higher self. Dane guides and supports people to live a life that is  more connected, aligned, optimal, abundant and fulfilling. 


Dane is a Reiki Master, Meditation & Yoga Teacher, Sound Healing Practitioner, Breathwork facilitator, Sacred Ceremony Facilitator, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Guide and Mentor




Sofia has been working with plant medicine for over a decade.

For the past seven years, she has been immersed deeply in the medicine path in the forest of Costa Rica and Ontario, apprenticing and leading medicine ceremonies with the Sound of Light family. Following closely with a multitude of medicine traditions, her medicine path has its roots in sacred music.  

With her deep connection and guidance from the medicine and intuitive call, Sofia brings her voice and musical gifts to help navigate the ceremonies with love and presence.

With many years of experience in service to Spirit, she is here to help and support everyone on this journey, facilitating from a grounded and loving space, with a focus on preparation and integration.