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Upcoming Ceremonies in Ontario


Several Dates, May-December, Northern Ontario

This Spiritual Discovery Retreat helps create the time and space needed for self-reflection and deep understanding, by bringing the wisdom of the Amazon to the forest of Northern Ontario. We host our guests in a spacious and serene setting, ensuring a comfortable and nurturing experience.
Our team provides guidance and support, starting from before registration and continuing well beyond the end of the retreat itself. 

Trail in Woods
Past Retreats: Past Retreats

Cacao and Breath Ceremony

Summer 2023

You are invited to join Soul Brother Dane and Kelsey Marie for a sacred and powerful night.  Journey with cacao and your breath to new dimensions and connect back into the body with a soundbath meditation and reiki healing.


Whether or not you have worked with other plant medicines (psychedelic or not), this beautiful combination of breath and cacao can help you journey deep. This is also a great introduction to plant medicine if you have been hearing the call or are curious to try. This journey will be held in a safe and sacred setting. 


About breathwork and Cacao...


Breathwork is sacred because it can transcend us from our 3D mindset, and is inclusive to all spiritual paths.


Breathwork helps to takes you beyond the busy and tiresome mind and helps breaks the illusion of separation from the rest of our being. It addresses the elemental and most basic aspects that separate us from our divine energy…. And that is our negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.


Breath can effectively transforms these limitations in the subconscious mind and the emotional body by releasing them from the cells and tissues of our body.


Cacao ceremonies are rooted in opening the heart to help re-balance the energies within, and restore good health from a heart centred place.


Cacao is jam packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants increasing blood flow to the brain which helps strengthen awareness and focus. This plant medicine helps the body to heal, detoxify and give your immune system a boost while you work with your breath to amplify that experience. 


Cacao known to be a heart opening medicine enabling us to hear our true inner self, work through blockages and past traumas, dissolve suppressed negative emotions and align us back to who we truly are from a more compassionate place.

The sacred ceremony of cacao and breathwork combined creates an opportunity to connect with the divine source within you. Align the mind and heart to activate the body, transmute emotions and create lasting transformation.


$70 per ceremony.

Space is limited for this ceremony, please register via the link below.

You will receive a confirmation email with all the details.​

Please let us know if you have any health conditions ahead of time and if you would like to jump on a discovery call.

Sacred Mushroom Ceremony

Summer 2023

Vaughan, Ontatrio

We invite you to join us in sacred ceremony with the cosmic essence of the Honguitos (Mushrooms) to dive deep within for healing, better understanding of oneself and circumstances and with the opportunity for a breakthrough experience. This ceremony will be in a safe and sacred container and you will have support before, during and after the ceremony. 


·      Ceremony Prep Guidance⁣

·      Vertical Connection Meditation⁣

·      Magic Honguitos  Ceremony⁣

·      Reiki⁣

·      Sound Healing⁣

·      Shamanic Curas (healings)⁣

·      Sharing/Integration Circle⁣ and Guidance

·      After Ceremony delicious meal and tea⁣



If this aligns with you and your schedule, then please book a discovery call with Dane (mandatory to register). 




Please note that your spot is only officially reserved after a discovery, cleared med forms, everything is understood by participant and agrees to comply with preparation for the ceremony, and the energy exchange is made in full.⁣

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Kambo Cleanse - Detox Day Retreat

Winter 2023

Vaughan, Ontario


Join Kambo Practitioner Angie Tobon for a day of cleansing, detoxing and reseting the mind, body and soul.

This is a full day retreat style immerison that will have two Kambo sessions, breathwork, guided meditation, reiki, sound healing and rest.

Angie and support hold this safe and sacred space for you to rid toxins, clear emotions and and cleanse all aspects of your being.

To apply for this Day Retreat please set up a discovery call with Angie to make sure this is indeed an alignment for you.

Preparation and integration support, Meal included after the ceremony.


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