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"The healing team provided an incredibly safe and loving space that allowed me to journey deeper into myself then I ever thought possible. This resulted in extraordinary insight, personal growth and transcendence of pain and suffering. Their attention to sacredness and safety in preparation, during the ceremony and after with integration was amazing. So so grateful! ”


My life over the past 6 months has been an incredible journey leading me away from anger, fear, regret, addiction, and a sense of being lost. Many things lead me to Luminus Collective but I could never have been prepared for the profound and beautiful experience that waited for me. 


I got everything I wanted and more… Release of my past anger, regret and most important, addictions, and letting go has opened up new doors to a wonderful world of stillness, creation, trust and love.


Dane, Angie, Kelsey and Dan were some of the best facilitators I have ever sat with. Their care, compassion, love, and attention to spirit was on a level rarely experienced and I wish to and will experience it again.


My sincere thank you, thank you, thank you to a team of people with love and compassion flowing through their hearts. You are in my heart forever.

- Dan Litterst

My weekend at the northern winds retreat with Brother Dane and the entire Lumius collective crew was absolutely nothing short of transformative.  I already knew and felt safe in the company of Dane, Dan, Angie, Kelsey and Sandra and felt among family and well cared for and well fed,  but I had no idea how much the retreat would exceed my expectations.To say that the weekend was life altering would be an understatement. The journeys were ethereal, magical and sacred. Spiritual psychotherapy at its best with lessons learned that cannot be unlearned.  Insights that will carry me through my days forward. Breathwork sessions are so powerful it feels otherworldly, sound baths that take you to other realms too beautiful to convey with words. I left with an immense level of awe, joy and gratitude to have had the blessings of being part of this beautiful tribe that renewed my hope in humanity and our capacity to heal thru love and community.  Simply cannot wait for the privilege to join them again! 

- Nasrin

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