Upcoming Ontario Plant Medicine Retreats 

After two retreats, two seperate Feitios (medicine cookings), and a consistent season of plant medicine ceremonies in Costa Rica, we are inspired to be back from the Rainforest to reunite with the Northern Winds of Ontario Canada, our Luminus team and Luminus Collective community in Canada.

We are honored to be offering two beautifully curated long weekend retreats this May. These retreats will feature two ceremonies over 3 nights and 4 days, outside of the city, surrounded by pristine nature.

Northern Winds Retreat

May 21-24 or May 28-31

Your Journey with us Includes:

- 3 nights shared accommodations
- All plant-based meals (vegan options also)
- 2 sacred plant medicine healing ceremonies
- Tobacco ceremony
- 1 on 1 check-ins
- Grounding Guided Meditations
- Sound Healing, Movement, Breathwork
- Nature walks outside on the land
- Time to Rest, Journal, Process & Integrate 
- Hike at Eugenia Falls Conservation Park (optional on Monday)
- Preparation, Meet and Greet Zoom Call
- Post Retreat Integration Group Zoom Call

On Sunday evening we journey through a guided breathwork session to help move any residual energies and emotions that may have been ruffled through the ceremonies.

In celebration of our overall Journey together we will have a liberating drum/song circle, so bring an instrument or shaker!

To close off the night, Dane will serenade us with sound healing meditation with a crystal bowl Soundbath to ground, recalibrate, and get you ready for a good, rejuvenating sleep.

Monday morning we pack up, enjoy a nice breakfast together and head out to a gentle group hiking excursion at nearby Eugenia Falls Conservation park with a river and waterfall to connect even more with nature and our individual process.

We are happy to offer support before, during, and after the retreat, with preparations, diet guidelines, 1 on 1 check ins, and integration calls after the retreat. Private healing sessions are available upon request before and after the retreat (extra).

We currently only have space in the first retreat, so if you're hearing the call, we invite you to connect with us soon to reserve your spot.

To register please email us to set up a discovery call.  Cleared medical forms and a discovery call, along with a deposit of $100 are required to save your spot. 



About the Ceremony Facilitators

Angela Tobon - Curandera (Medicine Woman)
Head Facilitator

Angie is a Spiritual Guide, Healer, Teacher, and Mentor and has studied and practiced ancient and modern energy medicine practices for many years. 

She completed an intensive 1 on 1 Shamanic studies in the Amazonian Jungle, with Shaman Ramon Alvarado of the Kichua Lineage. During the months in the Ecuadorian Jungle, she learned to work with many sacred plant medicines which helped her to appreciate her own intuitive inclination to the jungle and its powers. Her experience with Shaman Ramon Alvarado brings full circle connection with her native journey that had begun many years back as a child, in her own native land of Colombia. 

Her childhood memories as a free and wild child roaming her family's land, fully connected to nature and the memories of her Curandero grandfather’s wisdom, gave her confidence to pursue her true nature's purpose.

Angie was trained to go deep in the Jungle in search of the sacred plants such as Chirripanga, Piton, Ayahuma, Tobacco, Ayahuasca, and many other cleansing and purifying plant medicines.
She learned ceremonial ways of picking the sacred plant and how to brew them in ways to conserve the sacredness and the magic powers of the plants. 

Her experience and knowledge brings elder wisdom, and a deep, spiritual, emotional, physical and sacred connection while serving the plant medicine. Angie has also been an active Chinese Medicine Practitioner for over a decade.

Guided by her passion and personal desire to become empowered to serve and heal, she wishes to convey this harmonious state of being to those who have a desire to be guided and to learn more about their spirituality. 

She learned and understood that we are indeed beings of energy and not just dense mass. We are fully supported by our Pachamama, the sacred plants, Taita Inti (the Sun), beings of light and beyond.

She wishes to teach that we are connected to an infinite source of energy, that was never born and that never dies.

Dane Osorio
Co-Facilitator/ Guide

Dane Osorio is a shamanic healing artist, holistic practitioner, educator, facilitator, and curator of conscious community.  Dane is lineage to his mother Angie Tobon and their Colombian roots where his great grandfather was a curandero. He has been working with plant medicines deeply for the past 5 years, learning from Ayahuasca facilitator Vismay Amrit in the Diamante Valley of Costa Rica and with his mother Angie Tobon, a curandera trained in the Amazon of South America. Dane has served in over 85 ceremonies as a helper, guide, space holder, and co-facilitator.

With a high level of intention, intuition, experience and grounded presence, Dane holds a safe and sacred space for you to dive as deep as you need to go. Dane guides and teaches tools and practices that can help you in your preparations, during the retreat and after through integration. 

After his first awakening more than 15 years ago, Dane has been actively committed to his own personal growth and healing.  With the guidance of spiritual teachers, healers, shamans, his ancestry lineage, shamanic arts & continuous studies, Dane has learned, processed and integrated many practices in his life to achieve a higher level of connection, wisdom and consciousness. He is aligned to his calling, clear and passionate about teaching and guiding others to tap into their own inner healer, inner guru and inner shaman and inner leader.​

Dane is a Reiki Master, Meditation & Yoga Teacher, Sound Healing Practitioner, Breathwork Facilitator, Holistic Wellness & Plant Medicine Coach, Guide, Facilitator and Mentor. 


Dattatreya Dan
Assistant/ Space Holder

Dan has been intuitively working with entheogens individually and in ceremony settings for over 9 years. He is passionate about navigating altered states of consciousness for the purpose of expanding Self awareness, to support the evolution of human consciousness. He believes that entheogens are the most advanced technology known to man to explore consciousness and life force in the quantum fields and to remember the infinite potential stored within.

His strengths are in cultivating practices and tools to PREPARE for and to INTEGRATE expanded states of consciousness. Dan is a yoga aspirant and instructor, breath-work guide, natural movement trainer, float facilitator and is currently working on embodying his calling as a presence coach and integration facilitator.

Sofia Rodrigues
Preparation and Integration Support

Sofia has been working with the medicine for over a decade. For the past four years, she has been immersed deeply in the medicine path in the forest of Costa Rica and Toronto, apprenticing with and leading medicine ceremonies with the Sound of Light family.  With her deep connection and guidance from the medicine, and intuitive call, Sofia brings her angelic voice and her musical gifts to help navigate and serenade the ceremonies with love and presence. With lots of experience, she is there to help and support everyone on this journey. 

Sofia will be in support throughout the preparation and integration of these retreats.

Sandra Monica
Kitchen Captain/ Space Holder

Sandra is a Holistic practitioner, cleaning specialist and founder of Amethyst Cleaning Co. Sandra is a Reiki Level 2 practitioner and has completed various courses with Vital Ki Wellness. She will be our Kitchen Captain preparing our love infused meals, and be our space holder in the kitchen.

Sandra will be adding her cleaning and sanitizing touch to the common areas of the retreat to ensure a nice clean environment for all of us. Sandra joins us with a high level of attention to detail, she will be an extra set of guardian eyes, and help to support us, all while being in her element, loving what she does.

The Team 

Over the last 4 years, Dane, Sofia and Angie have curated and held space for over a dozen transformational retreats together in different parts of the world, they are happy to have added Dan and Sandra to the team last year. Both have been a great fit and addition to the team serving 4 retreats since then. Together they are all inspired and honoured to serve you for this beautiful weekend retreat.

Luminus is serve, guide and support you on this incredible journey of  transformational healing and expansion of consciousness. From the moment you say yes to anytime after the retreat, we are here for you.

Your safety and well-being is very important to us.


This Retreat will be located in Ontario on a beautiful private property about 2 hours northwest of Toronto.  Carpooling can be available amongst our participants and we will help to coordinate your arrangements if need be. Exact location and directions will be provided closer to retreat dates and to those who register.


$895 (all above mentioned included minus transportation and private healing sessions). 
Deposit of $100 via etransfer and remaining balance to be paid in cash. (Credit card available upon request but will be subject to an additional 13% HST).

To register please email us to Set Up a Discovery Call.  

Cleared medical forms and discovery call along with a deposit of $100 are required to save your spot.  

Please note that we only have a few spots open for each weekend dates. If you're hearing the call pleae reach out to us soon.

Due to the sensitivity of this work we ask that you don't share this information with anyone too openly. If you know someone interested please have them email us directly and we will share the information. Thank you for respecting this request.

We look forward to creating and holding this space and supporting you on this incredible journey.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

From our luminus hearts to yours!

The Luminus Collective Team